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Chameleon's project Terms & Conditions

Before starting any projects, it is important that we at Chameleon and you as our client come to some form of written agreement stating exactly what is expected of each other for the project's duration. As a guideline, we have outlined our Terms & Conditions in a PDF file

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The Chameleon downloadable & printable portfolio

As well as displaying our work on the Chameleon Graphics website, we've also put together a handy portfolio PDF file for your convenience to download and view at your leisure

Please note that printing of the Chameleon portfolio is permitted for internal use only. You are allowed to forward the portfolio PDF to other staff members or people who you think may be interested in Chameleon's design services, but you are not permitted to copy or publish the work shown in any way whatsoever for any reason. All work shown is ©Chameleon Graphics Ltd 2005

By downloading our portfolio PDF you agree to these terms

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