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We appreciate that reading through reams of complex legal information probably isn't the most exciting of activities to pass the time - however, it is a necessary evil and Chameleon has tried its very best to keep things as simple as possible. Please note that by accessing this website, you understand and agree to all of the terms & conditions stated on this page

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Unless stated otherwise all contents, designs, images, illustrations and photography on this website are copyright ©2005 Chameleon Graphics Limited. The Chameleon logo is a Registered Trademark. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced in any way or form without written permission from a Company Director currently employed at Chameleon Graphics Limited

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This website contains other links to third party sites. Access to all other websites is entirely at the user's own risk and Chameleon Graphics Limited takes absolutely no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any opinions, stories, recommendations, data, advice, information or statements made on any of these websites or third parties outside of the Chameleon website

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We at Chameleon Graphics Limited will always attempt to show accurate information on our website - however, we do not in any way take liability for the accuracy of any of the information on this site or other links and we reserve the right to change any part or all of any information shown on the Chameleon website at any time without prior notice

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Chameleon's project Terms & Conditions

Before starting any projects, it is important that we at Chameleon and you as our client come to some form of written agreement stating exactly what is expected of each other for the project's duration. As a guideline, we have outlined our Terms & Conditions in a PDF file

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