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Useful information

This section provides a whole host of information and Chameleon viewpoints which we hope proves useful to those who may have an interest in matters relating to art, graphic design, advertising and marketing

Although we don't profess to be the cremé de la cremé of the graphics industry or know everything there is to know about what makes good design - we still believe that what we do know and believe in can be shared to both keen students and interested clients alike. It is one of our aims to help people develop their creative abilities and promote a more aesthetically pleasing world to live in for all - decorative script typefaces and naff clip-art images are well and truly banned folks !

We shall try our best to update the information available on a regular basis and you can check on the latest updates in our News & events section - which will provide direct links to all the relevant articles

Also contained within this section is information regarding jobs at Chameleon, freelance opportunities and how to go about supplying your professional services to our company

We have provided a site map as well, so you can clearly see the structure of the Chameleon website and click on direct links, taking you to the bits of information you wish to view instantly

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