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The Chameleon Graphics website is best viewed (although not absolutely essential) at a monitor screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or above. Although it is possible to view our site at lower resolutions, you may not see the Chameleon web pages at their full potential and some images may appear cut off. Please refer to your computer's User Guide for further information about changing and increasing monitor screen resolutions

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Enabling Javascripts

This website occasionally uses javascript actions to perform certain tasks - therefore you will need to make sure that your web browser is capable of handling and enabling Javascripts. See your User Guide

Most web browsers enable javascripts automatically for you by default, so you probably do not need to worry about enabling them unless you have specifically deactivated them in your brower's Tools or Preferences section. Refer to your internet browser's help / user guide for more information on enabling javascripts

The basic text & images version of this website does not use javascripts

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Popup windows

Ok, so those ultra-irritating popup advertisement windows are incredibly annoying when browsing the internet. However, they can actually be quite useful when the need to display information is required without using having to reload the page they were originally viewing

Therefore, we may need to occasionally use popup windows within the Chameleon website to display certain aspects. If you click on a link and it doesn't do anything, it may well be that your browser has disabled popup windows. Please ensure that popup windows can be displayed by referring to your browser's help / user guide

Chameleon Graphics does not use popup windows for third party advertising of any kind - other than third party websites which we may feel be of interest to you

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BuG5 & G£itcH3s

Cross fingers - your browsing of the Chameleon website will be a happy, glitch-free and flawless experience throughout. This website has been painstakingly tested on both Mac and PC. Most of the major bugs & glitches (..and there were loads) have been fixed, so you shouldn't come across anything that will crash your browser and begin wiping your hard drive

Having said all that, it would be most useful if you could please report any bugs that you come across whilst using our site and we shall investigate them immediately. You can click the link shown below to report a website bug

Please be as specific as possible and tell us :

1. What computer you are using (e.g Mac / PC)

2. What operating system you are using (e.g Windows ME / Mac OS X)

3. What browser & version you are using (e.g Internet Explorer 6.5)

4. What happened ? (e.g you clicked a link and the monitor blew up)

> Eeek! ..I've found a bug and would like to report it now

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