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Viewing the Chameleon website at its best

We have tried our best to make the Chameleon website as accessible and user friendly as possible to the majority of web users. However, in order to fully appreciate our site running at its best, it may be an idea to read through this page and check your PC's compatibility to display all our web pages at their optimum level

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The need for speed !

If you are a high bandwidth / Broadband user and would like to view the Chameleon Graphics website in all its creative colour and glory, then welcome to the 21st Century - you should have no problems in doing this at all. This website is designed for a high bandwidth internet connection

Unfortunately if you are a dial-up user then you may find that our website probably does run quite slowly - in which case it may be an idea to view the Chameleon website in its very basic text & images format by clicking 'View page as basic text' in the left hand menu column. It's not that creative, but it does the job. The basic version of this website can also be selected at the very beginning page displaying the large Chameleon logo changing colour

Similarly, if you are in an urgent hurry to access information quickly or are using an internet speech reading programme - the text & images version of this website would be ideal

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We've done a lot of testing of the Chameleon website to make sure that it is highly accessible by both Mac and PC web surfers, using some of the more popular browsers available. So far, only Opera has given us major headaches and so we would advise users to view our website using pretty much any browser except Opera. In theory Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox should all display our web pages consistently without problem

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Got the Flash Player plug-in ?

You will need the Flash Player plug-in installed on your computer in order to view the higher quality, more creative version of this website (this is it by the way). If you can see the picture of a real Chameleon clinging to a branch with a spinning '?' above its head at the top of this page - then you already have the Flash Player plugin installed and don't need to worry about downloading anything new

If you do not see the picture of a real Chameleon sitting on a branch at the top of this page, you can download the very latest Flash Player, free from the Macromedia website by clicking the link below :

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