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Are there any other expenses ?

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the design budget negotiated with Chameleon covers design and conceptual work only and does not include the costs of materials or outside bodies such as printers, programmers, illustrators, animators, photographers, copywriters, proof-readers or other agencies which may or may not be needed during this project

We usually include the cost of inkjet paper & inks used when producing colour visuals for your project, but may have to make a special arrangement for the provision of printing full colour A3 sheets or large solid blocks of colour. We feel it is reasonable to ask for reimbursement when significantly increased ink cartridge replacement means a high incurrence of cost for ourselves

Note also that the design budget negotiated with Chameleon does not include the following: any necessary software programmes for the project, training you or any of your staff in the use of any computer software programmes, the buying of images or fonts from image or font libraries, materials and transport costs, printing, web hosting, the regular updating of internet websites, adding details to search engines, writing copy and liaising with outside bodies such as photographers, illustrators etc. (which will be charged at £25 per hour plus transport costs)

Please ask for a separate Chameleon quote or make separate arrangements if any of the above are required for this project. Chameleon will never involve third parties or charge for any other extra expenses without your prior knowledge, agreement and consent

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What are the main copyright issues ?

The copyright and design rights of whatever type of all concepts & designs created by us for our projects remains with Chameleon throughout the project. However, we agree that once all negotiated payments have been settled by you, then you will be entitled to use all of the designs & concepts created for you by Chameleon in any way you wish and for as long as you wish

You need to be aware and understand that the copyright of all concepts & designs created for you by us for any projects does in fact remain with Chameleon and that we will have the right to use them in any way, shape or form in which we feel fit, including the promotion of our business, unless otherwise agreed in writing

The onus for avoiding clashes of copyright infringement with other people's designs resides with you and it is your job to research (if necessary) any external designs which may clash with what Chameleon provides. This may involve specialist legal advisors, the Patent Office and/or searching design databases – the costs of which shall be incurred by you, not Chameleon

Although we at Chameleon will always try to produce original artwork, ideas, designs and concepts, we cannot take responsibility for design searches not being undertaken and then possible future lawsuits arising due to our designs or concepts clashing with those of another graphic artist

Before accepting any artwork given to you by Chameleon, we strongly advise that you make checks to make sure that it does not clash with the artwork of any other individual or company. The copy, photographs or illustrations you give us must be accurate, approved, decent, legal and truthful

You must be authorized to use any trade names, British Standard Marks, quality assurance marks, logos or other material(s) used in any Chameleon projects. Chameleon accepts absolutely no responsibility for any kind of legal proceedings made against your company as a result of copyright infringement of a third party during or after the completion of this project

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Do I or Chameleon have the right to cancel a project ?

The short answer is yes to both, however you need to be aware of the specific details which can be downloaded in the Chameleon Terms & Conditions contract (see link below). Please read our Terms carefully

> Find out about Chameleon cancellation procedures in more detail

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What if I'm not happy with your work ?

Although we at Chameleon will certainly put our best efforts into completing this project to a mutually satisfactory level of quality and workmanship, you must realize that our commitment lies with the fulfillment of the criteria listed within the quotation provided

So long as we have fulfilled the aspects listed in the original quotation, you still have a commitment to pay all outstanding costs to Chameleon and/or other third parties regardless of whether the final item(s) produced are to your liking or not

In the very rare instance where the final results are not to you liking, it is usually the case that some kind of mutually agreeable solution is provided by us in order to please both parties. However, if further work is to be produced in order to achieve this then further design costs may apply

We feel this statement is reasonable because in theory we could be working on some projects for infinity until our client is happy. If there was the unlikely scenario of working with a generally unhappy customer, we may be asked to work for many more hours than stated in the original brief, for free, which is unacceptable

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Would you be prepared to work with our in-house designers ?

If you already have in-house designers working for you, then please do still keep the Chameleon website bookmarked for any hectic periods where graphic design work may need to be outsourced. If you have a list of contracted design companies that you specifically use for artwork, then do add Chameleon Graphics to that list – or contact Chameleon, informing us of your company’s policy and procedures for tendering design work

Alternatively, at Chameleon we are quite happy to work alongside other design companies or with your own in-house designers on any projects which you may have in mind. Sometimes 2 heads are better than one and if you'd like us to join a team either short term or long term to give our own unique input of concepts and ideas, then we are quite happy to do that

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