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Who owns Chameleon and how did it begin ?

Chameleon Graphics Ltd was set up by its founder and Creative Director, Andrew Chaplin in 1999

Whilst at college, followed by University, Andrew gained enough knowledge and graphic design skills to feel confident about setting up his own business in Great Amwell, near Ware. Although going it alone was rather daunting at first, Chameleon is the realisation of a life long dream held for Andrew - to be his own boss and to become a success at what he does best

After a gradual slow start, it was primarily word of mouth and various other business recommendations that built Chameleon Graphics up to be being the success it is today. The company boasts a portfolio containing a whole selection of various types of businesses in England, mainly in the South East and Hertfordshire areas

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How good are you guys, would I be in safe hands ?

We never use cowboys. The unfortunate reality is that anybody with a computer and the right desktop publishing software can set themselves up as a 'graphic designer', but the question is : do they really know what they're doing ?

The answer is that some do, some do not. Some are qualified and some are not. We feel that prospective clients should go by their gut feeling and whether the style of work a designer is able to produce is right for what they have in mind for their project

Andrew gained a Diploma in Higher Education in Visual Communication Design at Hertford Regional College, Ware and then a BA Honours Degree in VCD at Middlesex University, Cat Hill. Chameleon only ever works qualified creatives who know what they're doing. With that in mind, we are certainly confident enough to state that you would be in safe hands when dealing with Chameleon

As for how good we are - this is for you to decide, not us. We like to think we're pretty good, but the term 'good' is subjective and different people prefer different design styles. Why not flick through out online portfolio section and see if we're the right company for you ?

Hopefully you'll appreciate the Chameleon style as being clean, simple, effective and would work well with your business' design projects. If so, give us a call 01920 877 206 and see what we can do for you !

On a final note here, it is worth mentioning that in 1998 Andrew won a D&AD Commendation Award for a corporate identity project (see Aqualink) as well as second prize in a national photography competition run by the Independent on Sunday Magazine in 1999

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What sort of services do you provide ?

Chameleon provides businesses : graphic design & print work, website & internet development, advertising, product branding & packaging, logos & identities, stationery, posters, brochures, leaflets, vehicle livery, concepts, illustration, photography, imagery, multimedia - pretty much anything you can think of design based that companies need to promote themselves, their products and services

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How much do you charge ?

We currently charge a rate of £25 per hour, which we feel is pretty reasonable considering our standard of work and attention to detail. As well as offering an hourly rate, we can also offer lump sum deals for our projects and these are given on upon full client negotiation

For lump sum negotiations, nothing is set in stone and we can tailor the amount owed to your individual project budget and timescale requirements, leaving things very much in your control. You set the budget, you set the timescale, we say whether we're able to do the work. Simple

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What sort of businesses do you provide for - are there any limitations ?

We're happy to provide quality design work for almost any business type and size. Our usual client base is working alongside small to medium sized firms in the Hertfordshire and East Anglian area of England. However we will work further afield if need be and both national and international enquiries are most welcome. Depending on the scale of the project, we are prepared to work for anyone, from the lone individual right the way through to the multinational sized corporations

The only real limitations we consider are whether we are able to physically manage the project and whether or not human or animal rights have been infringed. Although such issues are often quite subjective, we like to think that we have an ethical code of conduct in all our business dealings and will not knowingly engage with companies who abuse human or animal rights

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Do you charge for meetings ?

Provided you are within a reasonable travelling distance, we will gladly visit you for a free, no-obligation first meeting to discuss any potential projects you may have in mind. This would be a fairly informal affair and a good opportunity to see if Chameleon can be of service to your needs as well as providing a chance for you to view our portfolio

As a rough guide - after the first initial free meeting, if you do then decide to commission work to Chameleon, we generally say that the next 5 project meetings are free of charge. However, this is entirely dependent on a number of factors, including : scale & size of project, distance & location of client premises, time taken for us to come and visit you and estimated project duration. The number of free meetings we allow for may be more or less than 5, depending very much on the nature of these described factors

During the initial free meeting, we will negotiate with you what is an acceptable amount of further free meetings for your project and will inform you of this in our quotation. We generally allow our clients to call these meetings at their own time, choice of location and convenience. Once your allocated free meetings have been used up, there is normally a charge of £25 per hour for each meeting, depending on the above mentioned factors

Please note that there may also be a fee for travelling expenses, especially if your business premises is located several miles away or train tickets & parking are involved. We do not seek to make a profit on travelling expenses, but we feel it is reasonable to ask to be reimbursed for these costs

We are more inclined to offer further free meetings should you decide to meet us at our location in Great Amwell, thus saving us time and money which would have been expended in travelling to meet you at your location

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