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Interested ?

Hopefully, having read through this website and flicked through our portfolio of work, you'll consider Chameleon as the type of design firm you'd like to do business with soon. If you are simply seeking an initial quote or putting projects out to tender – run it by us and see what Chameleon can do for you

At Chameleon, we also offer a free no-obligation first meeting in order to have a brief chat and discuss any potential projects which you may have in mind - or simply the possibility of upcoming work for the future. Such meetings would be kept informal affairs and absolutely no pressure or obligation would be put on to place an order immediately

Further to that, it is highly likely that you would be dealing directly with the Chameleon Creative Director Andrew Chaplin - rather than a slick salesman who actually may or may not know anything about the world of graphic design. There are no middleman at Chameleon - no call centres in far flung reaches of the globe and you will not get a different person discussing design ideas with you at every client meeting

You will be dealing with designers directly, who know their stuff

If you would like me to arrange a meeting then please cal now on 01920 877 206

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