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Deciding upon a project's time & budget allocation

Having read Chameleon’s pricing solution, the next task then is to decide upon what the project's time & budget allocations should be for your individual project(s)

So far as that decision goes, we leave the ball entirely in your court and we are happy to negotiate a fair deal that would best suit your requirements. We believe that the budget a client puts forward for any given design project reflects how important the work produced for that project is to their company or organisation

If you feel (as we do) that a company's graphic design artwork is crucial to the image and reputation of any company and that sufficient investment into creating a quality design piece should take effect, then we would suggest allocating a decent sized budget – relative to its importance

However, if you feel that in the grand scale of things your project is not that important as its usage may not be high up on your list of priorities, then you could perhaps opt to allocate a smaller budget for the assignment

For instance, a supermarket chain may come to Chameleon requiring the design of 2 logos. The first being for the company itself and the second for a small range of chocolate biscuits. It would probably be reasonable to assume that the budget allocated for the creation of an entire corporate logo & identity to be reproduced on all its signage, shop floor posters, leaflets, goods vehicles, adverts, website and stationery would have a higher priority than the design of a logo for one single range of biscuits

Of course a logo for the biscuits is important in order for them to sell, but it would not certainly not require the budget equal to that of a massive corporate identity overhaul and re branding

Hopefully the above will help to illustrate Chameleon Graphic's policy on pricing its projects and with all of the above in mind, the choice of what to do next is then placed in the hands of our clients. You decide the allocated time schedule, budget and amount of work required to complete any given project which you commission to Chameleon

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Already got in-house graphic designers ?

You may already have in-house designers currently working for you - if this is the case then please do still keep the Chameleon website bookmarked or on file for any hectic periods where graphic design work may need to be outsourced

If you have a list of contracted design companies that you specifically use for artwork, then feel feel free to add Chameleon Graphics Ltd to that list – or email us giving details on your company’s policy and procedures for putting design work out to tender. We will then discuss this all with you and adjust our quotation & invoicing process to adapt to your company's internal payment database / management systems

Alternatively, at Chameleon we're quite happy to work alongside other design companies or with your own in-house designers on any projects needing to draw in several minds to all chip-in, providing various ideas and solutions

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