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The pricing problem

Based on the hourly Chameleon hourly rate of £25 per hour, the next issue is to address how much in total should be allocated to any given project

The main problem here is that graphic design by its very nature can be quite difficult to judge accurately in terms of estimating the amount of time and final costs ideally needed in order to create a quality piece of design artwork

Unlike choosing a television at an electrical store whereby the store Manager probably knows the exact cost of building a tv, what parts are needed, how long it takes to assemble and therefore how much it should retail to the customer – however, with graphic design it is a slightly different matter because the main emphasis is on the creation of ideas

In short, the problem is : how do you put a price on ideas ?

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The Chameleon pricing solution

When working on design projects at Chameleon we do not strictly charge a total flat fee price that is ‘off-the-shelf’ so to speak. However, what we do offer is a tailor made design package to suit your individual needs where you have control over the time and budget allocation

Our pricing scheme is implemented via an ongoing timesheet set at the rate of £25 per hour and invoiced on a regular basis according to your instructions – i.e weekly, fortnightly or monthly - depending on the scale of the project(s) involved

The main concern most clients have with this particular system is their worry that the costs may then escalate out of control. With an ongoing timesheet, it is reasonable for many people to assume that time could simply tick by with a huge bill racked-up upon the project’s completion

Chameleon’s answer to this concern is to allow you to set a time & budget limit for your design project(s).We would then work within and up to those limits allocated by you, our client, and not go past them without your prior knowledge and consent

For instance, a logo & corporate identity project starting with a budget of £1000, at the rate of £25 per hour would work out at a time allocation of 40 hours. What this would mean is that we would do as much work as possible including rough ideas, sketches, computer rendered images and final designs for that project – all within a 40 hour limit

If after 40 hours worth of work you felt that more time is needed for the design project (either to make adjustments or indeed add new aspects or features to the current project) we would then only continue working with your approval to do so. That way, you would have full control of funds available to the project and so costs would not then escalate out of hand

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