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Why choose Chameleon ?

Graphic designers - and especially those in the field of web design - seem to be popping up everywhere these days. It seems that anyone with a laptop, the right desktop publishing software and a bit of telephoning around can set themselves up nicely and adopt the title 'graphic designer'

Yet, how many of these people actually have a proper arts background and the right sort of training in graphic design ?

The answer is that most probably do -however, it is still wise to thoroughly review the portfolios of any potential design company / individual that you are thinking of taking on board to undertake your creative design projects. Sadly, there are a few cowboys in the design sector and some truly atrocious examples of hideous graphic design out there - so please do keep a look out for tumbleweed when deciding who to hire for your various design projects

So, why choose Chameleon ?

Simple - we're good at what we do and we don't use cowboys. Chameleon only ever uses highly skilled, creative, qualified and keen personnel when undertaking your design projects. Most of the artwork will probably be created by the Company Director, Andrew Chaplin - but Chameleon also has a whole host of photographers, illustrators, printer, programmers, artists, copywriters and other designers on hand that can be called upon to fulfill your projects needs

Due to our knowledge, experience and acquired skill, we know what we're doing and can guide your project from beginning to end, drawing out the true potential of your project's unique requirements

As you can probably tell from the style of writing on this website, our ethos to provide a high quality service, but also one with a relaxed and friendly approach. We're a friendly team to get on with and Chameleon enjoys a good, happy relationship with all its clients

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How much does Chameleon charge ?

This question is probably the bottom line most people consider when enquiring about design projects and the short answer is that we price ourselves at the very competitive price of £25 per hour

We believe that the quotes we give reflect the quality of work produced. We won’t spend a few minutes coming up with a half-baked idea – we will spend enough time on your project to exhaust every conceivable idea we possibly can in coming up with the final intelligent concept

Unfortunately, we are well aware that there are some designers who would undercut our prices tremendously – but also many more who would triple our quotes. Basically, you get what you pay for and we price ourselves in the mid-range market. Of course, prices are rarely set in stone and we are always open to negotiation

We may not be the cheapest around - but then we don't produce cheap looking work. Neither are we the most expensive and if you're looking to fund your design project well enough to produce quality results, but not break the bank in the process - then Chameleon is certainly your next step in the right direction

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