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What we do

When meeting Chameleon for the first time to discuss a project, the most common question we're asked by clients is usually something along the lines of :

" what is it you guys do exactly ?"

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Ideas & concepts

Whenever a graphic artist is about to create their design piece, it should always be sound ideas and strong concepts which go on to provide the foundation for their work. At Chameleon, we begin all our projects with good old fashioned brainpower before going near a computer - and leave the techno wizardry until later

Quite simply, ideas rule !

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Product branding

If you have a unique product about to be launched commercially that requires a high quality beginning-to-end design service, then Chameleon is your next step

We are fully capable of not only creating the rough visuals, main design artwork and taking it all to print - but also have the knowhow to create the actual flat packaging nets along with the placements of folds, flaps and glued areas. We know our stuff

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Graphic design

In short, Chameleon is geared up to providing intelligent, high quality ideas and design solutions tailored to the individual needs of your business or organisation

There's not a lot we don't do graphically speaking and Chameleon can handle almost any project where graphic design aspects are involved - we're also happy to work alongside your own in-house staff members or even other external designers

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With any luck, you'll be impressed enough with the qualiy, creative flare and attention to detail of this website to commission Chameleon to design a site for your own firm or organisation. As you can see, we're able to produce fun, clean and effective websites

If you do choose us we can help set up your web address, host the site, design it, create email accounts, add e-commerce and also allow you to make regular updates

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Logos & identities

At Chameleon, our logo & corporate identity design skills cover almost all the needs of a business or organisation wishing to implement a brand new look for themselves

We can provide not only ideas and concept visuals for the main logo itself but also examples of how typefaces could be used, colour schemes, signage, vehicle livery, stationery such as : letterheads, business cards, with compliments slips and more...

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We have a lot of close links to local printers, but are quite happy to work alongside any printers you choose for design projects. We're able to take your assignment right the way through from the first ideas stage, artwork rendering to printing and finishing

At Chameleon we can provide you with leaflets, posters, banners, signage, stationery, brochures, hand-outs, CD inserts, packaging, book jackets - almost anything printable

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The simple term 'advertising' actually covers quite a broad spectrum of ideas & design areas - Chameleon can certainly help you with any product or service you are wishing to draw attention to in whichever way or form to help gain you valuable recognition

We're able to create striking visuals for posters, environmental design, print based graphic artwork and multimedia as well as brainstorming for TV and radio adverts

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Primarily Chameleon is about the creation of ideas and graphic artwork. However, there are also a few other strings to our bow - such as code programming for various types of multimedia based projects for internet use or otherwise

Using our knowledge of sophisticated computer programming techniques combined with our design abilities, we can certainly add a touch of life to your media projects

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It may be that you're in a situation within your business or organisation whereby you simply do not have the time, appropriate design knowledge or inclination to start tackling design projects alone - or you may wish to gain a bit of outside objectivity concerning your current design materials portraying your products and services

If the above applies to you, then it's time to call in Chameleon and let us help you out...

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