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Welcome to Chameleon Graphics Ltd - A friendly Hertfordshire based graphic design company situated in Great Amwell, near Ware

Hello and welcome to the website and online design portfolio of Chameleon Graphics Ltd

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Chameleon is a Hertfordshire based graphic design company in Great Amwell, near Ware

You've probably stumbled across this particular page by searching for 'graphic designers' and 'hertfordshire' in search engines such as Google, Lycos, AOL, MSN Search etc. If this is indeed the case then once again, thank you for visiting Chameleon Graphics

This page is a text version only and exists mainly to be highly accessible to people searching for key words such as 'designers', 'graphic design', 'Ware' and 'hertfordshire'. May we suggest that you now click the link below to visit our proper, full colour website with a bit more than simply text :

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Great Amwell is the village that Chameleon is situated in and is about 2 miles away from Ware, which is the nearest actual town. About 2 miles from Ware is Hertfordshire's main county town of Hertford, which is where Hertfordshire gets its name. Some have suggested that in fact that St Albans should actually have been the County Headquarters because of its cathedral. Ware is a very old town and has even been mentioned as a stop-off point in Chaucer's Tales. Ware used to boast being the town with the most amount of public houses per square mile anywhere in England

The county of Hertfordshire is just above London and Ware itself is about 20 miles from the centre of London. At Chameleon, we have clients from all over England (mainly the South East & Anglia area) and we're certainly happy to come and visit you if you're located in : Hertfordshire, Essex, London, Bedfordshire or Cambridge

If you'd prefer to visit us instead, then that's fine by us as well - Great Amwell near Ware is a very picturesque little village, offering a quiet location ideal for contemplating design concepts and letting the imagination truly run free when working on design projects. London is not exactly the ideal place to find the tranquility required to relax and really let ideas flow. We do not have the hustle and bustle of a hard paced city life, but prefer the greener, gentler countryside of this wonderful Home County, where Ware is situated

Click on the 'Contact us' section of this web page for information on how to find London, Hertfordshire, Ware and Great Amwell

> Find out where Chameleon is located in Hertfordshire

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Our design skills are varied and we carry out a number of projects including traditional graphic design & print work, website & internet development, advertising, product branding & packaging, logos & identities, stationery, posters, brochures, leaflets, vehicle livery, concepts, illustration, photography, imagery, multimedia - pretty much anything you can think of design based that companies and businesses need to promote themselves, their products and services

We sometime take on board freelance graphic designers, illustrators and photographers - working in small teams to create some truly outstanding pieces design work. Graphic designers and the relevance and importance of quality graphic design in business is often underestimated. Firm's promotional and advertising material needs to be a cut above the rest in order to compete with rivals doing the same thing. Those who do not have their image up to date and looking professional risk having their competitors overtaking them and leaving them well and truly behind

In short, graphic design can perhaps be described best as commercial art. It has sometimes been criticised as artists selling out and working purely to satisfy the needs of their customers, rather than creating pieces of artwork for its own merit. However, we don't agree with that point of view as we believe there can be a workable compromise between artistic integrity and the need to create commercially viable pieces of work. Art can still work even if the intention is for it to be used to promote or sell a product or service. Art is still art

There are many different graphic design styles out there and we like to think Chameleon adds its own splash of colour to the industry. We feel that clients should choose designers based upon the work they see, the attitude of the designers and energy flow between the desiger and the client. So, if you like what you see here, then why not contact Chameleon and see what we can do for you !

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The Chameleon sections contained within this website are as such :

Home page

Welcome to the world of Chameleon Graphics Ltd – a dynamic Hertfordshire based graphic design team in Ware, with a keen eye for all things fun, creative and forward thinking. Take a look around our Hertfordshire based design website and see if we're the right design guys for you...

> Visit the Chameleon Graphics Ltd Home page

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News & events

Check out our News & Events section regularly to keep up to date with all the latest Chameleon news, events, design issues and happenings. Also detailed here is design information on various other events going on out there in Ware, Hertfordshire and the world of graphics, art & graphic design

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Help using this website

With any luck your visit to the Chameleon graphic design website will be a happy and enjoyable one. However, there are a few technical details that you should be made aware of to avoid any of those usual annoying computer grievances. It is worth starting here first

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About Chameleon Graphics Ltd

Click on the About Chameleon section to find out a bit more concerning the Hertfordshire design company in Ware, who runs the graphics firm and other information which may be useful to consider before starting a design proposal with us - plus handy advice on budgeting for your creative design projects

> Go to About Chameleon

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Useful information

If you have a developing interest in matters relating to art, graphic design, marketing and advertising - then we hope you find the Hertfordshire Chameleon Information section useful. Contained within are a number of relevant Chameleon viewpoints and articles

> Go to Useful information

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Frequently Asked Questions section may prove useful if you are looking for quick and easy answers to typical queries posed by our graphic design clients before commissioning design work to Chameleon. You also have the opportunity to put forward your own questions

> Go to Frequently Asked Questions

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Portfolio of work

Being probably the most important section within the Chameleon graphic design website, be sure to check out our design work in the Folio section. It's a chance for you to see if the unique Chameleon design style is what you're looking for and a chance for us to strut our stuff !

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Legal stuff

*Yawn* ..Yes, we know that there are far more interesting things you could be doing instead of reading through reams of legal information - but, there are a few things that you need to be aware of when accessing this website. Please read carefully

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Cool links

Our Links section provides useful information and direct web access to a number of different internet resources - including Chameleon's client websites, some general interest sites, Hertfordshire websites, Ware websites, graphic design sites, plus many other PDFs & useful downloads

> Go to Cool links

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Contact us

Find out where the Chameleon Graphics Ltd Headquarters is located in Hertfordshire, along with Great Amwell & Ware contact information - plus detailed, printable maps should you decide to come and visit us at some point in the future

> Go to Contact us

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Chameleon graphics is a dynamic graphic design company located in the Home County of Hertfordshire, just outside London. We are found in the small village of Great Amwell, situated next to the town of Ware. Our graphic design skills include : traditional and innovative forms of graphic design, website design & other web media related design, Internet projects design work, multimedia design, media design, Hertfordshire design, Ware design, print work and printing design, adverts, ads, advertising design, product design, packaging design, materials design, branding design, net package design, stationery design, poster design, brochure design, leaflet design, logo design, corporate branding design, concepts, ideas, stragetic , strategies, strategy, thought process, creative, art, art & design, artwork, creative, creativity, dynamic, new, conceptualisation, illustration, photography, imagery, new media design, intelligent thinking

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